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CME Range


Mechanical Extract. (Ideal for the home, rentals or batch.)
The Titon CME1 works by continually extracting stale polluted air from rooms where most moisture is generated. Fresh air is provided passively from outside to habitable rooms, creating a flow of fresh, clean air throughout the home.   

Please see our animation video showing you how the system works.

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CME1 Mechanical Extract Unit
Specific Benefits and Features
Energy Efficient.
Compact-Unit is small and low in profile, can be fitted in an airing cupboards, cupboards or roof spaces.
Easy installation due to innovative sub assembly and unique packaging design.
Duct ports on one level, lessening need for un-necessary bends in ducting, saving cost, reducing joints and installation time.
Ideal for central mechanical ventilation in refurbishment of single floor dwellings where there is only space for rectangular ducting.
Low unit noise
Can accept either 204mmx60mm or 110mmx54mm ducting.
Unit can be cleaned and serviced without disturbing ducting.
Unique enclosure with 204mmx60mm spigots on one level, ideal for low profile ceiling mounting.
Very low power consumption
Friendly, reliable & knowledgable service.
For use with passive ventilation including the Titon trickle vent range.


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