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Eco-Vent 1.75 (Titon HRV 1.75 Q Plus)
Ventrite are pleased to announce the introduction of the TITON HRV Q Plus Range.
Eco-Vent 1.75 (Titon HRV 1.75 Q Plus)

For use in small to medium sized dwellings

The revolutionary ultra compact HRV1.75 Q Plus continuously running whole house ventilation unit with heat recovery is independently tested by the BRE and is EST Best Practice compliant. The HRV1.75 Q Plus has been specifically designed to give improved performance over older models without increasing the overall size of the unit.

The combination of ultra low power consumption and a highly efficient heat exchanger is specifically designed to enhance SAP performance via Appendix Q, yet the unit remains small enough to be easily incorporated into apartments and smaller houses where space is at a premium. The HRV1.75 Q Plus has many features, including removable airtight filter covers for ease of use, as well as Summer Bypass and Humidity Sensor verions.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact unit can be fitted in cupboards or loft spaces
  • Extremely low power consumption / specific fan power, down to 0.41 W/l/s
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger; up to 91%
  • Four versions available, two of which are compatible with auralite® status indicator
  • Standard version has a Summer Mode feature to help reduce dwelling overheating
  • Intelligent controller, quick and easy to commission
  • Fully adjustable boost overrun timer 0-60 minutes; can be used with non-latching (momentary) switches to prevent unit from being accidently left in boost mode
  • Accepts 125mm or 150mm diameter ducting, no adaptors required
  • Intelligent frost protection, stepped reduction of supply air rates prevents freezing
  • Setback setting to reduce ventilation where local regulations allow
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Demand Control Ventilation ready
  • Volt free switching control
  • G3 filters as standard, G4 as an option. F7 on request.
  • Re-usable plastic filter frames
  • Quick fix via mounting bracket
  • Patented
HRV1 Q Plus
Eco-Vent 1 (Titon HRV1.75 Q Plus) Brochure PDF Please Click Here
To find out how our system works please click here.

Explanation of Features

  • Setback - Provides a reduced ventilation rate for dwellings that are unoccupied for a long period.
  • Normal - Continuously running extract and supply, set on install in accordance with the requirements of the applicable Regulations.
  • Boost - Increases ventilation rates on demand, set on install in accordance with the requirementsof the applicable Regulations.
  • Summer Mode - Turns off the supply air on demand or via a remote thermostat. (Additional controllable passive ventilation may be required).
  • Summer Bypass - Automatically controlled, bypasses the heat exchanger when indoor/outdoor temperature conditions make heat exchange undesirable.
  • SUMMERboost - Only available with summer bypass models, when selected, this increases both the supply and extract to full speed when the automatic bypass engages.
  • Duct Heater Control - used for the automatic control of in-line duct heaters to maintain ventilation rates and prevent heat cell freezing.
  • Integrated Humidity Sensor - continously monitors the relative humidity of the extracted air and triggers Boost Speed when it rises over a set threshold.


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